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About MDYT

MDYT is about helping moms who parent on their own be the best they can be mind, body, and soul. We encourage you to put yourself 1st! We are here to be that voice of encouragement and inspired action to help you keep going through the good times, the tough times or whenever you need us to be. We want to see you WIN because you deserve it for all the challenging work you do.

Mommy Do Yo Thang started out as a personal mantra to our CEO/Founder Savorian Smith.

We are moms who are the leaders of our families. Sometimes that may mean we don’t have the support of traditional family environments. We want to emphasize being a source of encouragement to our Moms to keep doing the work in creating the best versions of who they are. We pride ourselves in knowing that you can make it! Even when family and the world gives up on you, you can manifest the life you truly desire.

Our Values

Here at MDYT there are many important standards we subscribe to. Below are the
core principals we hold most near and dear to our mission and goals.


Moms who go the distance refusing to give up after tough life situations.


Healing from past traumas whether they be from childhood, failed relationships or whatever tragedy you have had to face and go through a healing process.


Providing stability in safety and finances for women ran households can be intimidating. It takes strength, grace, and courage to pull it off. We encourage our moms to engage in communities that can offer a sense of security in areas she may need it in. We work smarter, not harder.

Meet Savorian R. Smith

Founder and CEO

I will never forget the night I was inspired to start telling my story in a way that inspired me. I was already raising one child and found myself pregnant with Twins. I was alone, scared and had no idea how I was going to handle reparenting myself and still be able to be there for my children in a healthy way.

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